5 pictures of big cities that I’m proud of

Sometimes I wish I had the soul of an itinerant photographer (re-watching the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty didn’t help me). Sadly, I am not. So when I get one picture that seems less bad than the others, I feel the desperate need to share it with whomever.

New York – Times Square

I admit that my choice wasn’t really original. But I liked how the two policemen seem literally surrounded by taxis.


Berlin – Tiergarten

I don’t know who took the time to paint that many clovers but I figured his/her work shouldn’t be forgotten if it happened to fade.


London – Hyde Park

I know that there are plenty of other things in the beautiful city of London, but do you know how difficult it is to capture those filthy vagabonds on camera?


Marseille – Luminy

My room in Marseille is oriented at the Luminy hills. Usually I don’t get to see such beautiful sunrises but one time after a sleepless night, I had the chance to witness the early sun bring color to the clouds. It was magical.


Paris – Jardin du Luxembourg

When I lived in Paris, a few friends of mine and myself went out in the Luxembourg garden that had been covered in snow. We decided to make a little snowman (adults can too) and  ask people passing-by to hold it while we took a picture. We didn’t expect that many people to say yes, so here are a few samples!




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