Why I love Ellen Degeneres

I have many critics about French mainstream media but the one thing I regret the most is that we don’t have a lot of decent TV-hosts. When I say “decent” I mean hosts whose TV-shows can be watched and re-watched endlessly without getting sick of them. I mean just look on YouTube the numbers followers of Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon for the US, or Graham Norton in the UK! But I doubt any of them can challenge Ellen. Her YouTube channel as reached more than 8.4 billions followers (twice as much as her colleagues). That is no accident. So here are a few reasons why I love her and her show.

Because she literally makes the world a better place

Every time I watch one of her videos, my faith in humanity is instantly restored. She invites ordinary people to talk about their not-so ordinary experiences. Some are truly inspiring. Some are hilarious. Some are simply everyday-heroes. Not only Ellen will support them, she will give us the privilege to learn about them and acknowledge them as the great human beings they are. And that is one of the thing I love about her.

Because you can be sure something amazing is about to happen

I mean, Ellen got Barack Obama to dance, Taylor Swift to freak out in her bathroom, Jennifer Aniston to try a vibrating bra and Justin Timberlake to dress up as a Gingerbread Man. She obviously must exhale magic around her.

Because she introduced great artists to the TV audiences

A lot of artists made their American TV debut on Ellen’s. Thanks to Ellen, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, B.O.B. & Bruno Mars, Lady Antebellum were introduced to the American TV world and I cannot thank her enough for that.

Because of her wittiness

What strikes me the most from Ellen’s audiences, it that they genuinely seem to have the most fun on set. I believe she makes people laugh because she can be whimsical, serious, cynical and witty. I find her sketches to be often humorous and thought-worthy at the same time. And we should definitely get more thought-worthy entertainment TV.

Because of the Youtube comments

Living in France, I have to watch Ellen’s on the Internet. Actually, I think Youtube makes me enjoy it more than I would with TV. First, her Youtube channel provides me a lot of segments of the shows so I don’t miss too much of it. Second, I love reading the comments section below Ellen’s videos, because it reminds me that I am definitely NOT the only one loving her on the Internet!


So thank you Ellen, thank you for being you !


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