Songs that will awake your inner rock star

My dad was probably the first one to introduce me to the music world. As a child, most of my favorites songs were his, which included a LOT of 80s-typical rock songs. Once the volume was up, we would mimic the gestures of Mick Jagger (not as good as Jimmy Fallon though) and air guitar all over the house. Even if my iTunes library has expanded since, I still love listening to good old-fashioned rock songs (that doesn’t mean I find you old-fashioned Dad). So here is a (non-exhaustive) playlist of songs that will awake your inner rock star.

Should I stay or should I go (The Clash)  I never really got the part of the lyrics in Spanish so I indistinctively mumble it. As a child, it was kind of cute, now it is just pathetic. 

Wind of Change (Scorpions)  I am always excessively dramatic when it comes to the lyrics right before the guitar solo (“Let your balalaika sing, What my guitar wants to saaaaaaaaaaaay”). 

Cryin’ (Aerosmith)  I once got a stiff neck because I shook my head to hard while singing that song. I wonder if the same thing ever happened to Steven Tyler. Maybe you get a special “neck training” when you become a rock star. 

High Way to Hell (ACDC) – I practiced a lot to get the high-pitched voice of Angus Young when he sings “Hey Sunshine” but I still sounds like a mouse squeaking. A rocker mouse though. 

We will rock you (Queen) – Everybody and I mean literally EVERYBODY knows the guitar solo from this one. Even Middle Age’s troubadours knew it before it existed. It is a fact



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