5 Deviantart galleries about Pop-culture

Some Deviantart accounts are absolutely bursting with creativity and talent, and the artists behind it deserve real-life galleries. Since I don’t have enough money to sponsor them all (I cannot afford a decent boiler at home), I’ll figure I would share with you some of their work here. I choose only one piece of work for each Deviantart account, so be sure to view the rest of it by clicking on the featured links. Enjoy!

1. GOT-style House Flags

This Deviantart gallery uses the style of TV shows Game of Thrones by creating House Flags for famous Pop-culture heroes. From Hulk to Harry Potter, it includes Start Trek, Dr. House and many more. Here is an example with the House Flag for Sheldon Cooper, from the Big Band Theory.


2. Badass Pop-culture Heroes

This Deviantart gallery transforms every cute Pop-culture character into badass heroes. Buzz Lightyear is now hunting Pizza Planet Aliens and the Smurfs have assembled in a merciless army. Here is an example with Zelda who finally seems to understand after who the video game was named.


3. The Avengers meets The Transformers

This Deviantart gallery should be the inspiration for a new Marvel/Hasbro movie, since his author adapts the Autobots characteristics to the heroes of the Avengers. It’s brilliant.


4. Twisted Princesses

You cannot show this Deviantart gallery to your younger siblings or you’ll probably destroy any kind of Disney magic they had left in them. Jeffrey Thomas converts every Disney’s princesses into characters from classic horror movies. Here is their “family portrait”:

Twisted Princesses

5. Pac-Man eats Pop-Culture

In this final Deviantart gallery, Pop-culture has been catapulted into the Pac-Man video game. From Super Mario to Adventure Time, it includes also LOR and Sesame Streets. Here are a few samples but go see the whole gallery!



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