Smart things to read: Josh Radnor’s 2008 article

The article I’m about to introduce here is a little old (6 y.o. to be exact). But I discovered it only yesterday, thanks to Ellen’s. She invited Josh Radnor, who plays Ted from the well-known TV show How I Met Your Mother and also directed Happythankyoumoreplease (some might say it’s another Indie movie, I say it’s a clever and feel-good movie that you should definitely try).

After discussing the finale of HIMYM, Ellen asked Josh about an article he wrote for the LA Times Magazine back in 2008, entitled “Kind over matter”. In it, he uses his Hollywood experience to discuss how kindness matters in life. Don’t worry, it is not another mushy piece of the Care Bears’ propaganda. In fact, it’s rather down to earth and quite realistic. Here’s a quote, as a foretaste:

It’s not about being “good” (a loaded concept, to say the least) or “nice,” which is really just a social convention that often has to do with worrying about being liked (occasionally masking real deviousness). It’s ultimately about compassion, recognizing that all of us are going through it all in our own particular way, no matter our social status.

It takes 8 minutes top of reading, and it’s worth it. So go read it, and be kind to one another ;)


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