5 videos in which Batman plays the roles of his life

Did you ever think that a lot of classic movies would have been better with your favourite hero in it? The Youtube channel PistolShrimps did. They chose to rewrite some of the most famous movie scenes by replacing the actors with Batman or one of his greatest enemies instead. Thanks to these videos, I finally understood that my life would never have been complete without Bane dancing along Whitney Houston in it.

Batman of Oz: “Toto, I’m afraid we are not in Kansas anymore. Where are we Toto? Where are we? Where the f*** are we?!!”

Batman in Casablanca: “Play it Sam, for old times’ sake. I’ll hum it for you: Nanananana Nanananana Batmaaaaan!”

Batman with The Prisoner of Azkaban: “Why so Sirius?”

Batman in The Ring – “This 3D TV is amazing!!!”

Batman’s Christmas – “I’ll let you try my Batmobile but meanwhile I want to ride Santa sleigh.”


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