2Cellos: how two cellists brought Classic and Rock music back together

From the age of 7 until 16 I was part of a music-focused class. My local school was an annex of the Conservatory of Music of Toulouse (France). For a long time, my outside-school friends thought that I only liked Classic music. They were wrong though. In fact, I don’t think music genres should be exclusive, and 2Cellos is the perfect example for making my point. Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser are two young Croatian cellists, known as 2Cellos, who are rocking out some of the most famous songs by playing them only using their cellos. They are mostly known for their live performances, who are truly impressive, whenever they play on classic wooden cellos or electric cellos (whose resonance is far more adapted to Rock songs).

I made a sample of their Youtube videos so you can judge by yourselves, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!!!

1. To begin with, here’s their most watched video on Youtube: a Baroque-style performance of Thunderstruck (AC/DC). I was hoping for the audience to get up and do the rock hand sign but maybe I got carried away a little.

2. Here’s their performance of Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson), which was originally featured in the TV show Glee.

3. Legend guitarist Steve Vai played AC/DC’s Highway to Hell with them. That’s how talented they are.

4. Finally, here’s an example of their live-performances I was telling you about: Welcome To the Jungle (Guns N’ Roses), introduced by Sir Elton John himself.


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