Photogenic daydreams

I love pictures as much as the next person, but I am far for being a professional photographer (trust me, I tried). I prefer to let real artists make magic happen and just enjoy their artwork afterwards. That’s how I discovered the wonderful work of Cerise Doucéde, a French photograph. Her last gallery, entitled “Egarement” (which means “bewilderment” in English) was a very special project: to capture that special moment when your mind starts wondering. Cerise (which means “Cherry” in French – a very poetic name for a very poetic photographer I must say) really succeeded at picturing what can’t be usually depicted: simple thoughts, daydreams, hopes and fears (I particularly identified myself with the student on the last picture #examscomingsoon). So here’s a little gift for your eyes, with an extract of her gallery. Enjoy!

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